The Urban Project

Academic offerings: One of the great obstacles to undertaking the changes needed to address environmental issues is the cost of transforming major industries, governmental and international programs, and the way individual families all across the country actually live. The Economics Department of the John Cook School of Business is interested in innovative ways to address such issues and covers these topics in a range of offerings dealing with government spending, taxation, health and environmental effects, and the market structure of industries that affect the environment.

Experiential learning: Students can enroll in the Service Leadership Program offered through the John Cook School of Business. The Program allows students to make use of their growing knowledge of economics and skills in business to serve in a variety of organizations in St. Louis. Students can also participate in the Business School Service Day. Additional service opportunities are available through various student-managed clubs and related organizations. Many of the available opportunities are service projects in St. Louis City. Internships are also available for students interested in urban economic policy.

Employment opportunities: Potential employment opportunities include working as a policy advocate, or for Federal, state or local governmental agencies, or as an energy industry analyst.


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