The Urban Project
Pre-Law Program

Academic offerings: One of the primary focuses of the Pre-Law Program is to teach students how law can be used as method for achieving social justice.

Experiential learning: In the Pre-Law Program's service-learning course, undergraduates team up with law students in order to teach students at an inner-city high school and prepare them for one of three academic competitions. One section of the course has an international-law focus and is built around the Peace Jam program, a consortium of Nobel Peace Prize laureates who work with school-age students. The second section has a constitutional-law focus and is built around the We the People program sponsored by the Center for Civic Education. The third section has a public-policy focus and is built around the Project Citizen program.

In the secondary major in legal studies, two types of internship are available. One involves working in a non-profit legal organization or in a federal, state, or local legislative office, court, or administrative agency. Interns concentrate on law as an instrument for achieving social justice. The second kind of internship places students in for-profit entities such as law firms and corporations.

Finally, the Pre-Law Program allows students to apply for a study trip to either Ghana or Mexico, where they focus on legal issues involving poverty.

Employment opportunities: In addressing urban problems, completion of the Pre-Law Program can be the first step toward, among other things, a career as a public-interest lawyer, a lawyer working for local, state, or federal government; an Administrative Law Judge or attorney working in local state, and federal administrative agencies that address urban problems; an advocate for a non-profit organization; a grant writer; a judge, a prosecutor or public defender; a local, state or federal legislator; and a variety of other job titles in the civil and criminal court system.


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