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Political Science
Criminal Justice

Academic offerings: Many Political Science majors are pre-law students. Political Science offers courses in constitution law (on both the founding era and civil liberties), administrative law, constitutional theory and development, judicial decision-making, and crime and punishment. A legal internship is also available.

Experiential learning: Political Science offers two service-learning courses: 1) The Structure of Poverty-Globally and Locally, which partners with the nonprofit organization Queen of Peace Center, which serves homeless, chemically dependent women and their children. 2) Civil Renewal, which focuses on urban civic engagement and civic renewal and pairs individual students with St. Louis civic leaders and government officials.

Political Science offers several internships: aldermanic, administrative, legal, and women leaders. Students may also choose to be involved in a campaign practicum.

Employment opportunities: A Politcal Science degree offers opportunities in judicial and other kinds of administration, law enforcement, immigration counseling, and preparation for further education in law or paralegal work.

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