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Academic offerings: Social workers are the primary providers of social services. The School of Social Work offers course content needed to work effectively with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.

Experiential learning: Social work students complete a two-semester senior field practicum (internship), which can be done in a wide range of social service settings. In addition, the Introduction to Social Work course requires a 30-hour service-learning project, which can be done in a social-service setting.

Employment opportunities: A Social Work degree offers employment opportunities as a adoption worker (domestic & international), foster care worker, refugee resettlement worker, agency executive director, group home supervisor or worker, researcher or research assistant, assistant director of social service, group leader, residential counselor, case manager in health or mental health, health agency worker, school social worker, chemical health coordinator, home health social worker, senior case aide, childcare worker or counselor, hospital social worker, sex therapist, child protection worker, housing or homelessness worker, sexual abuse worker, community or labor organizer, immigrant services coordinator, social and casework supervisor, coordinator of geriatric services, information and referral resource coordinator, therapist, counselor for the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, instructor for the mentally retarded, welfare department social worker , director of social services for a nursing home, intake worker, volunteer coordinator, disability rights advocate, manager, youth worker, domestic abuse officer, mental health counselor, domestic violence shelter staff, outreach worker, drug and alcohol abuse counselor, pastoral social worker, economic development director, patient advocate, educator, Peace Corps volunteer, employee assistance counselor, policy analyst and developer, family court officer, probation officer, forensic social worker, or program evaluator.

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